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Building Solutions

Kansas City, MO

Building Solutions carefully select the materials we purchase and do business with superior suppliers and mills in the construction industry in order to provide such quality products. When selecting which products to use, we carefully evaluate the value and performance of each. We want to be able to provide quality services and products without adding a substantially high price tag. Another benefit with Building Solutions, we also deliver!

We have Small Company principles, with big company resources, which means value for everyone!

We carefully select who we hire to ensure our customers receive superior service all-around. We maintain our ability to offer competitive prices and continue to build repeat and long-term relationships with our customers, which is highly important for the success of our business.

“We strive to be the best building material supplier in the industry”

No matter what kind of materials you need, we can help. So if you’re shopping around for lumber, windows, doors, or something else, give us a call! You might inquire about our installation services as well.


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