Repairing or Replacing Your Deck

Repairing or Replacing a DeckEven the best decks eventually start to age and require repairs or replacement. If you have a deck that is starting to look aged and deteriorated you might be considering abandoning it and just starting over. While that is certainly a viable option, it is not the only one available to you. There are other ways to revitalize your deck that may be easier on your time and wallet. If certain parts of your deck are still in good condition, you might be able to make a big difference with just some minor repairs. First you should examine your deck to see if it can be made-over or if it needs to be replaced.


Your deck might still be in good condition structurally but just looks old and dirty. If that is the case you may be able to bring back the beauty with a good cleaning. There are chemical cleaners on the market that can help get rid of the aging grey look on your deck. If that won’t work you might try pressure washing the deck and sanding it a bit to bring out the freshness underneath. Be careful when using a pressure washer as it is very easy to strip or damage the wood. If a couple of boards are more damaged you can replace them with new ones at this point. Once the deck is clean and sanded you can add a new stain or sealer to keep it looking nice. This is a great way to repair your deck back to a beautiful condition. Then you might consider redecorating the old deck with new furniture and potted plants. It is amazing how much of a difference a few changes can make.


Perhaps the decking floor and rails are starting to seriously deteriorate but the supporting structure underneath is still sound. If this is the case you can simply replace the top portion of the deck with new materials. If you are overall satisfied with the size and location of your deck this repair is a much easier option than replacing it completely. You might consider replacing them with composite materials as they are longer lasting and require less maintenance. But before pursuing this option make certain that the support footings underneath are in good condition. You wouldn’t want to replace the top of the deck and then have the foundation start to give out just a few years later. Be certain that the footings are strong without indications of heaving. This happens if the footings are shallow and do not reach the frost line.


Eventually you may find that replacement is the necessary option. If time and weather have wreaked havoc on your deck then it might be past saving. You may need to tear it away and start anew. Do research into all the options and decking materials available. There are many low maintenance deck materials on the market today that have the visual appeal of wood. You can confidently choose them with the knowledge that they will last for a very long time.

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